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Training FasterRCNN to Detect Faces on the WIDER dataset.

Wed, May 20, 2020 -  Fri, January 21, 2022

A project for preparing and training a FasterRCNN model on the WIDER dataset to detect faces. Achieved good accuracy and performance.

Hero image credit

Gitlab Repo

I've hosted my code for this project at


This project was my first independent foray into deep learning with PyTorch. I have worked with PyTorch before on my super-resolution project, but I wanted to try something more challenging and (at the time I started this) state-of-the-art.

My model is a modified FasterRCNN using the MobileNetV2 classifier network as the backbone (with frozen gradients). It is trained on the publicly available WIDER dataset (for which I wrote my own PyTorch dataloader). I trained my model for only 65 epochs on my RTX2060. The final model is about 300MB, and for an IoU threshold of 0.6, gives an mAP of about 0.5.

Here's a graph of mAP vs. IoU for my trained model:

mAP vs. IoU graph

This doesn't seem very good, but many of the examples in WIDER are very challenging. For the more typical example (and more like my own use-cases) the hero image of this article is a good example. It performs well! Also, check out my model's result on some animated examples:

Video test 1, Conan

Video test 2, Thor

I'm really happy with it. If you'd like to learn more about the model or about my source, check out my gitlab repository from above. I have tried to document it well, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Next Steps

Now that I have a working face detection model, I would ideally like to feed its output to a facial recognition model. If I can find the right type of recognition model, my hope is that I can train it recognize custom faces from my own dataset (like my own face) and have a highly accurate facial recognition tool. If I do end up starting such a project, I will link it here.